Seen In My Camera


A spring trip to Santorini island, Greece.



Belintash is a mistique Thracian sanctuary hidden deep in the heart of Rhodopean Mountains.


Thracian Beehive Tomb

An ancient beehive tomb is situated near the entrance of town of Pomorie. It dates back to the 3th centuries AD and was probably a mausoleum tomb of a rich family.


Kalin Dam

Kalin dam is the heighest reservoir on the Balkans. It's located on 2394 meters height in Rila Mountain.


Flight Over the Valley of Thracian Kings

I had the opportunity to fly with a glider over Thracian valley near to town of Kazanlak.


Triglav Ridge

Triglav is the highest ridge in Balkan Mountains. The name means "Three heads" because there are three peaks over 2000 meters - Golyam Kademliya (2276 m), Malak Kaemliya and Pirgos.


Goat Wall

Goat Wall (original: Kozya Stena) is a name of a ridge, located in Balkan Mountains, Central Balkan National Park, near to Beklemeto pass.


Urdini Lakes

Urdini Lakes are located in Rila Mountain. In the late spring are around them is covered with crocuses.


Springtime In Bulgaria

April, May and June... The nature is so fresh and greenish this beautiful spring.


Thunderstorm Over the Sea

As is normal for thunderstorm, the sky became dark and lightning began to fall.


Northern Spain

I had a chance to spent a week in Spain. In particular I visited the northern coastline only, from Bilbao to Luarca.


In the Eye of the Storm

Enormous waves are crashing in the bridge of Burgas.


Fury Sea

Stormy winter morning around the south Bulgarian coast of Black Sea.


When the snow cover everything

I went to Rhodope Mountains to search this rarely combination - forest covered with a snow at sunrise.


Christmas decorations in Burgas

My hometown Burgas in new Christmas decorations.


Scary Lake

Some photos of the beautiful frozen Scary lake, high in Rila Mountain.


Fall 2011

This year the autumn was unpredictable and unusual. I took this as a challenge and went to the long route to the unknown.


Searching For the Fall

A travel in searching for the autumn.


Misty Hour

A quiet mist is crawling in the shadows over the calm lake. It reaches the shine of the first sunbeams and tries to cover the light, fury as a vampire.


Kremen Lakes

A day's march in Pirin Mountain, codenamed Blueberry Feast. Walking from Bezbog hut to Kremen Lakes, climbing Dzhano peak and camping out under the moonlight sky.


Sunbeams In the Mist

Sunbeams consists important requirement in movies when the scene takes place in the forest. Machines and projectors help to do this. Practically, such natural phenomenon is very rare and continues quite short.


Muddy Sunset

There was nothing in that overcast that promised a spectacular sunset. Lucky me, the sun somehow squeezed from beneath the thick greyish layer and as I was driving, the tempting light found me in the muddiest possible place.



Sintra is a small resort town, near Lisbon. The first thing that attracts tourists is a whimsical building with conical chimneys situated right at the square. And there's more. There is Pena Palace above the city and a medieval fortress in the vicinity, some other historical and natural landmarks are at my disposal too.


Cabo da Roca

I made a quick research before going to Portugal. I checked the seaside near Lisbon for seascape places. Naturally, I chose Cabo da Roca, I guess it is Portuguese for Rocky Cape.



I fell in love with Lisbon at first sight. This might seem like an unusually banal start to an article, but I've never felt so comfortable even in my hometown. I had a few days available to go sightseeing in Lisbon, so I only had time for main streets walks and some side streets walks too. I let pass the characteristics of Lisbon - the steep tram lines, tiled houses, graffiti or quantities of historical houses. Here I share with you all that drew my attention.


Winter Trip to Polezhan

We proved two fundamental lessons in this march: One learns from his mistakes and Repetition is the mother of learning. In the first place we climbed Mount Bezbog from the wrong side and we found out on the way back how thoughtless was our slippage in the dwarf pines. Second, exposed to the cold we missed the opportunity of a precious hour, instead of on our way to Polezhan.


Winter Trip to Benkovski Hut and Balkan Ridge

In the lower parts of the montain reigns a severe winter. These last few days a frosty fog spreads over the snowy trees. In the high mountains of The Balkan sun is the master. Winter has not yet gone and there goes a strenuous struggle for supremacy. Right at sunrise, icy clouds crawl out of the dark glens and rush at the peaks.


Winter Rise at Mount Shipka

The pass is buried in fog, the trees bend under the snow. I go upstairs, 894 are the steps of the stairs of the monument and there I get over the clouds. In the distance, a lonely peak barely sticks up.


Rocks and Sea

Seascapes around the rocks located south of Sozopol.


Ahtopol Parts in February

There were no clouds at all and I supposed the sunrise by the sea wouldn´t be anything special. Still, me and prozac1 set out to Ahtopol in the very early morning. We went to  Delfin campsite, a place with insufficient photo temptations.


Snow Trap

I have these weird and extreme situations lately, they happen every time when I go to the mountains. I planned to stay the night in the Mazalat hut and next day attack the Triglav peak, second highest of The Balkan Mountain. Despite my frantic effort, The Balkan didn´t accept me there.


Buzludzha Inside

I still remember that imposing memorial at the Buzludzha peak, built in the times of the Communism. I´d say today the building is even more impressive - with its insane, indestructible architecture, which is still there after so many years of incursions and ravage.


Snake Island

The sea waves are crashing in the rocks of Humata cape. Over there you can see St. Thomas Island, best known as Snake Island.


Brashlyan and Stoilovo In Winter

I can´t help wondering about Strandzha Mountain. I so love its many faces - abandoned roads, forests, glens... no matter what gives me - rain, heat or snow. I keep always looking for something more, something special, and I never find it there. This way I come back here to find out Strandzha again in these godforsaken little villages existing in their own reality, buried in oblivion for centuries.


Raging Sea

It is scary in moments like this to be outside, by the sea. The wind is screaming, blowing the waves.


Golden Light Time

I love the weather to surprise me. As the sky was dark, a gap appeared in the clouds and the sun colored the rocks with a golden light.


December Sea

I love to be by the sea when it is furious to the utmost extent of his power, with these terrifying waves beating the rocks of a lonely coast.


Ancient Nessebar

The ancient Nessebar is the pearl of the Black Sea coast. I made a short visit there at the end of the autumn.


Fotinski Falls

Fotinski falls are hidden deep in the Rhodopean nooks and they are not exactly well-known, for better or worse.


An Autumn Day

Rhodope Mountains is notably photogenic in autumn. At the end of october, any way you choose, the mountain is full of colors. And I was there wondering where to go first.



The darkness absorbed the remaining light unmercifully, so I had to hurry. In a racing with the dark, I headed for the western part of Perpericon sanctuary to catch the last burning flames of the twilight.


Stalbitsa Cave

Stalbitsa is one of the many caves in Devetashko plateau, but it is quite different from the other ones. In sunny days, around noon, a huge sunbeam breaks through the entry and lights up the cave inside, it seems to be a big flying saucer now.


Canyon of River Vit

I never thought about the River Vit how impressing it could be, especially its canyon, called The Red Wall. Once I saw it, I knew I would wait until the morning, when the clouds sail over the river and the first threads touch the trees.


Around Karlukovo

This is the second time this year I stop in the region of Karlukovo. It is close to the village of Aglen where I was going, so I had a lot of time to look again the Prohodna cave and Iskar defile.


Glozhene Monastery

Glozhene Monastery resembles Meteora, as regards architecture and location.


Steneto Forest Reserve in Autumn

The first day of my autumn photo session began in Steneto reserve. I was there in spring.


Ravnets Ridge

One day route from the city of Karlovo through Ravnets hut and Ravnets massif. Deviation from the turnout to Rai hut (Paradise hut) and Botev peak toward Levski hut. Descent to Karlovo through the Stara Reka Reserve (Old River Reserve).


Atanasovsko Lake at Dusk

Atanasovsko lake is so shallow and it seems calm even on a windy weather. At sunset, the clouds reflect in its unruffled surface and the red colour of the water changes it all.


The Foal Ridge

Not heared about "The Foal"? It is the most dangerous tourist route in Pirin Mountain. It represents a narrow edge between two peaks - Kutelo and Banski Suhodol, at a height of 2800m. Once upon a time, before the route was rendered safe with a cable, the tourists used to pass it mounting like a horse rider. Thence, the melodious name "The Foal".


Beglika Morning

Beglika Lake is one of those attractive recesses struggled by lots of human activities. Timber companies working in the area are comparable to American Lodgers. Organisations under the cover of nature conservation arrange a mass festival. Fishermen have occupied all the small piers without number. Mushroom-gatherers, herb-gatherers, etc. have barricaded themselves in makeshift bivouacs. No place left for casual visitors... I have fastened my eyes on Beglika too. Only wood trucks hurry up and down at the end of the summer season. Most of the bivouac places are available.


Seven Rila lakes

Some photos of this magical place in Rila Mountain.